Client Case Study Clogger

Client Case Study Clogger

Leading Industry Safety Standards

Clogger, based in New Zealand produces the highest quality chainsaw protective clothing and invest significant time listening to and engaging with the tree care community to better understand how they can continue to lead the way in personal protective equipment design and manufacturing.

Clogger approached us as they were looking for high quality photography and video content of professional, safety focused Arborists on active working job-sites.


Fawn Turton

Marketing Manager

“Selling products into different markets around the world when you are located at the bottom of the Pacific can create its own challenges. With InTree, location was never a barrier and they helped us by listening to our needs and tailored a photoshoot package to suit. Joel was very approachable and the lines of communication were always open. As a result we now have a library of great, high quality images and video at the ready for our upcoming projects.”

Elevate your product pages

Part of the brief we were given by Clogger was that they wanted high quality N.American based imagery to feature a variety of their chainsaw pants, boots and other apparel in different tree work scenarios.

We arranged a job-site, with modern arborist equipment and brought in 4 different arborist/models to be able to deliver Clogger's needs for high quality visual content to elevate the image of their products.

Elevate your image and grow your business. Let's create you some engaging content!

A multi-stage quality control process

Your Brand image is important to us. From the moment you start speaking with us we want to know more about and explore what is imortant to your brand when it comes to visual representation and whether you have any internal safety or operational processes that need highlighting. We work with this information and apply the following process;

  • Pre Production - Recieve and develop a clear creative brief with the Client
  • Arrange appropriate job-site, additional equipment and arborist/models
  • Production Shoot day(s) - Tailgate safety meeting with the InTree arborists/models
  • Ongoing communication with and direction of arborist/models
  • Post production - Selection process and edit, we pull out the highest quality visual content and discard any content that does not meet the standards as set-out in the brief
  • Delivery - An online downloadable album with insurance back-ups maintained of your visual content


Safety first

Clogger approached us with an explicit request that we deliver visual content which highlights modern, professional and safe working practices.

Our network of experienced, safety conscious and professional arborists allows us to meet the industries need for visual content which elevates safety and progressive work practices. As in any tree work, before we start your shoot we have a tail gate safety meeting to ensure the team are engaged, informed and prepared for the day. This is the beginning of our quality control process we provide for you, giving assurance that all content highlights progressive, safe working practices and represents your products/brand in the best light.

Clogger maximized on their asset value by using photos to elevate their blogs, catalogue pages and create professional photo posts to mix in with adverts and user generated content on instagram

Elevate your image and grow your business. Let's create you some engaging content!


Elevate your image and grow your business. Let's create you some engaging content!