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InTree Media is invested in building a healthier future for our forests, our people and our planet

We creatively work with individuals, organizations, industry and education to grow and engage their audience. Read more about how we can help bring your organization, brand or cause to life. Let's grow your business!


Powerful original images, engage customers, increase business

Photography and video are an important component of engaging with your audience. We create genuine visual content to help elevate your business

Content Creation

We offer the highest quality, genuine content creation specific to your organization. Whether it is photography, video or graphics we will develop a creative solution that works for you. Find out more about what we offer or


Timeless targeted design, connect & grow your audience

We work with you to help carve your branding strategy, brand identity and build your audience to ultimately stand out and grow your business

Grow your brand

Whether you are just starting out or already operating we can help you identify, nurture and grow your brand. Our branding team has over 8 years industry experience blended with a genuine insight in the tree sector. Find out more about what we offer or


Professional online "store front", wow & inform your customers

Complete website design and management services. InTree can take you all the way from concept to a fully functioning, optimized website.

Technical & Creative

With over 15 years of web design expertise InTree Media is both technically and creatively placed to develop your organization a fully functional, engaging and optimized website. Find out more about what we offer or


Attract, engage & drive action, grow your audience

We grow your business engagement, work with you to identify your goals and provide effective measurable and deliverable campaigns.

Insightful Strategy

We have real working experience in the tree sector. Our understanding of your audience gives us an insightful edge when it comes to clear communication and marketing strategies. Find out more about what we offer or

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Let's build your audience and grow your business

InTree Media is a creative collective specifically focused on and invested in the forested environment. We support you, the organizations and brands that operate within it.

Our Partners & Clients

Stanley Park Ecology Society

"We know that there are no other organizations that could have captured this engaging content in ways that were ecologically sensitive.  Joel has an understanding and passion for forest ecosystems through his many years of work in trees."

"We are thrilled to continue working with InTree media to be able to share this wonderful imagery the world has never seen before!"

Advantage Tree Care

"I doubt anyone else could have done a better job.  Regarding value for money I loved your ability to come on to the job site and help out as an Arborist and wisely chose the moments where you could capitalize on photo opportunities."

"I am 100% satisfied with the website both wording & photography"

connect, engage, elevate

Through insightful and creative content, we visually elevate your organization and showcase your story, products or services. We help you grow your business, increasing customer interest, engagement and action.

Who Are We

We are part of the tree sector at large, with over 10 years experience in forestry, resource management and arboriculture. We are enthusiastic about all things to do with trees and we are passionate about creating compelling content.

We are a team of strategic creatives who are committed to providing the highest quality, engaging, sector specific content.

Arborist Photographer

What We Do

We visually tell your story to connect with, engage and inform your audience

Providing you with genuine engaging visual  content creation, branding, full website development, SEO and marketing strategies dedicated to the tree sector.Through thoughtful and clear content we help elevate your organization. What sets us apart is we are In and understand your industry.

Our Approach

We are a solution focused company and always work for the win win situation, it is in our interest that you are 100% satisfied with our results.

We believe in clear communication and find that establishing a solid understanding of your needs allows us to provide you with the highest quality dedicated service. It is about building ongoing healthy working relationships.


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