InTree Portfolio

InTree Portfolio

Showcasing some of our work

A Fully Optimized InTree Website

Advantage Tree Care in Victoria, British Columbia invested in our Silva Package, through which we developed a fully optimized, responsive website. With an InTree website we transform your online presence. Our industry knowledge, first class photography and content creation will show that your company leads the industry in quality and professionalism increasing your brand value.

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On-site Photography for Advantage Tree Care

Our InTree arborist photographer went to work with Advantage Tree Care (ATC) for a week on their job sites.  Part of this service involved communicating with ATC about the logistics of the working week to ensure we could cover a wide variety of jobs and situations. On any given day, when our arborist photographer has completed capturing content they pick up saws, drag brush and help out your tree crew. Working in this way allows us to capture, genuine content which helps showcase your business and services to your clients whilst allowing your business to maintain production levels.

Advantage tree care website. An InTree website design that brings out the best in any tree service company.

InTree Video Production

We value quality and our passion for visually telling stories can be brought to life through video production. Behind every business, organization, product and individual human being there is a story and it is those stories within the tree community that we are interested in exploring, developing and sharing.

John's Climb

The mini doc 'John's Climb' was produced for the Janowicz Family. John enrolled to study at UBC where a timely meeting with fellow student and young arborist DJ Neustaeter led to an opportunity that matched John’s motivation, belief and perseverance.


DJ, with support from fellow arborist Tiger Devine (from Devine Arboricultural Solutions) brought together a team of industry experts, raising sponsorship to facilitate John's safe ascent 100 feet into the canopy of a Douglas Fir. We were brought in at the outset of this project to run the documentary production, from building out the story, organizing and facilitate the interviews and onsite logistics to shooting, sound, edit and release. Watch the full 5 min documentary and find out more about John's story.

InTree Production with

The controlled speedline and Double block rigging demonstration videos were produced in collaboration with We provided the creative project management necessary to make this a smooth two day production. Joel's experience and ability in managing logistics, communication, planning and creative direction allowed the concept to be realized in an efficient and cost effective way. Contact us with your video production needs.

InTree Branding

Logo concept and design for Devine Arboricultural Solutions

Logo design for Devine Arboricultural services

On-site Photography for Tree Care Companies

We have provided InTree photography on an Adhoc basis to a variety of tree service companies for use on their websites, social media platforms on hard copy marketing material.

InTree Media at Climbing Competitons

We annually go out to the regional climbing competitions. These competitions always prove to be fun, engaging and valuable to the tree climbing community.