We understand and believe in the importance of trees in our environment.

InTree Media is here to help support the ongoing conservation of the trees and forests in our ecosystem, get InTouch with us so we can help tell your story to engage with a wider audience and promote your cause.

InTree Supports You

We are visionary, we think big. We build healthy connections and focus on creating sustainable links backed by actions to bring together and realize results.

We are set-up to work internationally and will consider projects of all sizes. Every year we take on some pro bono work so no matter what resources you have or what your budget is. If you see that we can help you realize your vision then please reach out to us to see how we can help. There is always a solution!

Old growth Spruce Trees

What Can We Do

With an ever growing population, globalization and expanding urbanization, the need for and strain on land and resources is increasing. This in turn poses significant challenges to the planet and our forests.

InTree Media is invested in building a healthier future for our forests, our people and our planet. We work with conservation organizations, industry and education to support the sustainable management of our trees and forests. Talk with us about how we can help bring your cause to life and spread the word across the world.

Our InSight

We are more than a creative media, marketing collective. We have over 10 years experience in the forestry, arboriculture and resource management sectors. This allows us to be able to provide insightful, strategic and captivating content to strengthen your efforts and campaigns.


"People have never seen the majestic forests of Stanley Park this way before. 

The Public Education and Outreach team at Stanley Park Ecology Society* has been working with InTree Media for a number of years on the annual Big Tree Weekend event. 

Joel has provided the Society with original, captivating imagery used to promote the event in Stanley Park and has installed canopy cameras to capture the secret lives of canopy wildlife."

"These images have captivated audiences and supported research into the animals living high above the forest floor"

we are solution focused

There is always a solution to creating the content you want. We are versatile, creative and because we understand the industry we are well placed to deliver effective solutions. We listen to your needs, help guide you to determine the desired outcomes of your needs and deliver high quality results.


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