John’s Climb


A story sprouted from the roots of passionate tree people and their willingness to push beyond the typical tree climbing experience

A passion project supported by an InTree Production

The mini doc 'John's Climb' was produced for the Janowicz Family with the underlying narrative of biophilia, our innate need as humans to seek connections with nature. See behind the scenes of John's Climb below the video.

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The Sponsors who supported John and his climb

More on John's Climb

John and his family emulate perseverance and what it means to live life to the fullest no matter what the obstacle.This story brought human nature to life and inspired all those involved.

Meet John Janowicz a young man with an optimistic, kind and passionate character. John lives with Lesch-Nyhan syndrome a condition confining him to a wheel chair, with restricted use of his limbs. A condition that appears to limit the opportunity to climb a tree. But thanks to an initiative called STEPS Forward, John enrolled at UBC where a timely meeting with fellow student and young arborist DJ Neustaeter led to an opportunity that matched John’s motivation, belief and perseverance.


With the full support of the Janowicz family, an experienced team of arborists redefined the tree climbing experience and facilitated John’s Climb 100 feet into a Douglas Fir at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. We are humbled by John and his family and are proud to have supported him in this experience. From the spark which initiated the vision to the culmination of success, John’s Climb transformed the lives of everyone involved.

"I relished in the ability to serve others and facilitate such a wonderful experience. I felt honored to be a part of John's story and share with him one of my greatest joys." Tiger Devine

"Having a disability myself, I am aware of the challenges life can throw at us and how hard some things can appear, getting to work with John and the team on this project really showed that with the right people, knowledge, and equipment, anything is possible." Marten Penrose

"I felt very honored to be part of a collective of passionate humans that day. This entire project has been such a great experience and I now look up at trees with a great appreciation and new found curiosity." Mark Stan Wlodarczyk


The Roots of John's Climb

The vision for John's Climb came from a driven and inspired arborist, DJ Neustaeter of Arboriculture Canada. DJ had attended a talk given by Japan based, Dr. John Gathright Ph.D about the healing powers of trees and biophilia (the innate tendency to seek connections with nature). Filled with passion, DJ saw an opportunity to continue this ripple. DJ's friendship with John moved into a life changing experience for all involved.

I just wanted to let you know that your passion to help others has inspired me to do the same. I am very excited about this project and value your wisdom in this realm of canopy exploration!– Dj Neustaeter to Dr. John Gatheright Ph.D & Founder of the Treehab program


DJ, with support from fellow arborist Tiger Devine (from Devine Arboricultural Solutions) brought together a team of industry experts, raising sponsorship to facilitate John's safe ascent 100 feet into the canopy of a Douglas Fir. InTree Media were brought in at the outset of this project as supporting arborists and production sponsors to produce the mini documentary 'John's Climb'

The diversity of skills and knowledge with the shared passion of each individual made for a very strong and dedicated team. The synergy between the team allowed for a seamless, safe and well executed operation and InTree Production.

“I am proud of what we achieved. John’s Climb has inspired me to continue to share my skills and help other people access trees.” Thomas Rousseau

“Being a part of John's climb has brought meaning to my life. John has changed the lenses through which I view life.” DJ Neusater

What you can do

Follow the progress of DJ Neusater's recently established Tree Climbing Club through the UBC student society.

Learn more about Dr. John Garthright's philosophies and if you are in Japan go for a climb!

Follow InTree Media on Instagram to get perspectives into the tree community, working lives of arborists and other inspiring projects like John's Climb.

Learn more about STEPS Forward, a BC initiative for Inclusive Post-Secondary Education. The initiative that helped John get to study at UBC

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